Bee Pollen - 100% Pure Canadian Bee Pollen ~ 3 sizes available


Our 100% pure Canadian bee pollen is one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the easiest digestible form available.*

Bee Pollen - 100% Pure Canadian Bee Pollen ~ 3 sizes available


Some of the major benefits of supplementation with bee pollen:

Boosts Immune System
Rich in enzymes and coenzymes necessary for good digestion
Rich in B-vitamins, ie: B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6 & B-12.
Contains Vitamin C, A, E, Carotenoids, Folic Acid & Rutin
Mineral content includes Magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, silica, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine & manganese.
Higher in protein and free amino acid content, by volume, than any other food source.
Rich in enzymes and co-enzymes that are necessary for good digestion.

Rutin ~ Bee Pollen is known for it's high Rutin levels, which helps to support cardiovascular health by strengthening blood cell walls, capillaries and also the heart itself.

Antioxidant ~ Bee Pollen is an excellent antioxidant, proven in clinical tests to effectively reduce the threat of free radicals resulting from everyday dietary toxins. It has also received acclaim as an anti-aging tonic for it's immune strengthening and weight balancing effects.

Weight Management ~ Bee Pollen is beneficial for balancing weight as it is an excellent snack food in between meals, while satisfying the body's nutritional needs.

100% Pure Natural Bee Pollen
: 50 g (sample size) 100g or 200g bags
Package: food grade package

*Bee pollen is not safe for pregnant women and should not be used during breastfeeding. 

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Customer Reviews

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Another order of the perfect candles, raw honey and bee pollen that always brings gratitude.
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