Minimum Candle Burning Times

While the choice in aesthetics of your candle are completely personal, there are certain requirements for the duration of a single candle burning session. 

Everyone has different burning habits and practices and some like to burn a candle for an hour while others like to burn candles for much longer. Therefore we have to make the candles in such a way that the beeswax is used (as fuel) most efficiently, and as completely as possible. 

This is one of the main reasons we offer a variety of widths of candles!

The table below indicates suggested minimum burn times based on candle diameter. There are a great number of environmental variables that affect the rate of burn and therefore ranges are given.

It is important to look at your candle before extinguishing it, to make sure that it has melted the wax into a pool which is close to the diameter of the candle itself. 


Candle Diameter

Minimum Burn Time
2" 1 - 2 hours
2.5" 1h 30m - 2h 30m
2h 30m - 4 hours
4.0" 3h 30m - 4 hours


You may burn your candle longer than the minimum suggested burn times with no problems!